Academic Papers on the Resilience and Adaptability of Societal Institutions

The Journal of Freedom and Awareness is an online collection of academic papers largely generated through thematic research strategies and presentations from international scholars in their respective working groups.

We commission articles by participating scholars in diverse fields of research. Invited papers are reviewed by editors and referees according to relevant international academic standards.

The Journal is a dais for works that promote thoughtful exchange of ideas and formulas for progress by established academics. Invited papers avoid unnecessary jargon while maintaining intellectual rigor. We seek submissions from a fairly representative mix of junior and senior scholars with an eye toward engaging members of the public on topics of interest to the global community.

We encourage submission of concise, critical replies that may be of interest to an international readership. The invitation to Reply is meant to encourage ongoing dialogue through responding to content or initiating new discussions. Introduction of constructive questions, concerns and case studies into fora where scholars, policymakers, members of INGOs and the interested public respectfully exchange views is a catalyst for growth and expansion from voices that represent diversity of thought.