Academic Papers on the Resilience and Adaptability of Societal Institutions

The Journal of Freedom and Awareness is committed to the dissemination of knowledge in key areas across academic disciplines. We continually support the publication of research that represents enlightened thought on institutional dynamics in global societies.

Our contributors represent a wide and diverse group of thinkers across a multitude of social, cultural and ideological perspectives, representing the full spectrum of social scientists, analysts and policy advocates. Changing conditions of communication and dissemination have a growing impact on knowledge production and sharing.

We select scholars, articles, and researchers from around the world whose contributions flow into a stream of information through channels that cross international borders. The transmission of knowledge through rapid expansion of cosmopolitan communications has produced a new theoretical framework for understanding the influence of global communications on issues of cultural diversity and policies.

We are proud to provide a forum in which the best thinking is shared and made accessible to the wider global community.