Global Institute for Freedom and Awareness

Collaborative Research on Institutional Dynamics in Open Societies

The Institute's mission is scholarly with a focus upon collaborative outreach. It offers opportunity for multidisciplinary research to scholars around the globe from diverse fields of study. A multidisciplinary approach attracts significant work that often goes unnoticed.

GIFFAA promotes scholarship and media platforms that invite wider public participation in emerging questions surrounding the influence of societal institutions and the study of resilience, vulnerability, and adaptation.

Coming from a family of writers and artists, it was little surprise Raoul had artistic ambitions from an early age. Inspired by the workshops of Renaissance Florence and the ateliers of 19th century Paris, he spent his childhood dreaming of following in the footsteps of his artistic heroes and one day studying as an apprentice in an artist’s studio. Described as a child-prodigy by Charles Peattie of the Daily Telegraph, it was not long before Raoul was receiving the attention and mentorship of established artists. This led to an invitation to work as an apprentice in the studio of an internationally renowned portrait painter — a position uniquely created for Raoul. At the age of 17, on his final day of college Raoul received his first commission to paint the great-grandchildren of Edith Sitwell — the Sitwell family being famous sitters of one of Raoul’s great influences, John Singer Sargent.