Global Institute for Freedom and Awareness

Collaborative Research on Institutional Dynamics in Open Societies

The Journal of Freedom and Awareness is an online collection of academic papers generated through thematic research strategies and presentations from international scholars in their respective working groups.

We commission articles by participating scholars in diverse fields of research. Invited papers are reviewed by editors and referees according to relevant international academic standards.

Abstracts of forthcoming publications are located by accessing the Research page. The Journal of Freedom and Awareness seeks a fairly representative mix of junior and senior scholars with an eye toward engaging members of the public, as well as attention to the former’s development.

Audio presentations related to topics featured in abstracts, articles and republished works are located by accessing the Podcast page. Listeners and readers are welcome to access digital media on demand, and free of charge.

For many academics, navigating thoughtfully and effectively in, and among, the multiple registers of expression in both traditional and digital media offers some challenge. Writing a concise, critical reply to an academic paper for an international readership requires finesse and commitment to refining ideas through sustained dialogue. We welcome such commentary.

Critiques and observations offered in a tone and style that is decidedly academic will be engaged by the working group as a collective. Since academic prose rarely elicits a wide following, all extended discussion will debate points of contention within a general interest framework.